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"Most photos are worth a thousand words. Underwater ones are worth at least a million." - Stephen Frink

Welcome to The Sunken Dreams Diver Alumni Team Photo Galleries! All Nemo33 events represented are recognised as Sunken Dreams Scuba Diving Academy involved events and all divers associated are welcomed as lifelong Sunken Dreams Scuba Diving Academy Diver Members.

As an extension of the each Team Rosters and our diver's My Classroom areas you can find at the Sunken Dreams Scuba Diving Academy Website; we welcome divers to look through the private training and expedition galleries to recall memories of past SCUBA programmes and be inspired to take on new underwater adventures. 

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City Break Brussels: Episode 1

City Break Brussels Jamie & Ruth Episode 2

City Break Brussels Ed & Merel

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Expedition in Depth - Indonesia

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“When a team outgrows individual performance and learns team confidence, excellence becomes a reality.” – Joe Paterno

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